Friday, March 16, 2012

Ghost Ant Control Tips

Seeing very small ants in your home? If you are seeing them around your kitchen sinks and particularly around sweet products then you may have ghost ants. Another characteristic of ghost ants is there translucent appearance.

Ghost ants have a variety of names such as sugar ants, sweet ants, spiders ants, and other names that are not so nice.

There are many products available at the hardware store including insecticide sprays and bait. Always use products according to the label directions.

The important thing to know about ghost ants is that they like fructose-based products (sweets). One of the sweet products that you can purchase at the hardware store is Terro bait. Ant bait stations do not work very well on ghost ants because they have a protein-based bait inside. Sprays tend to disburse the ants and can actually make the problem worse if not used properly. So it is best to start with a sweet bait.

Do a little investigating and try to find where the ants are coming from by following the trail to where it leads from inside a wall void or perhaps near a door or window. Place the bait near the ant trail but never on top of the trail. Be sure to follow label directions to not expose people or pets to the product. When the ants begin to feed on the bait don't be tempted to kill them. Allow the ants to feed on the bait so that they can take it to the other ants in the colony and spread it throughout the nest. You may need to repeat this procedure several times but if you are persistent you should have success.

If you decide that this is too much for you to do, or you just don't want to do it, call Reynolds, we have a variety of tools that we can utilize that you're home to achieve results very quickly Contact Us.

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* Any advice given here does not pre-empt label instructions-Always follow label directions when using any pest control product.