Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Carpenter Ant Pest Control

Ever see very large ants crawling around your home? Some people call these ants, "bull ants", what they really are called is carpenter ants. Carpenter ants are primarily seen at night, and occasionally during the day in shady areas. This nocturnal behaviour can probably be attributed to avoiding daytime predators.

In, Florida, we have the Florida carpenter ant and it is different from the black carpenter ant, found in the Northern parts of the US. One of the main differences is the colouration. Florida carpenter ants have a reddish-brown head and thorax (middle), and dark brown to black abdomen, whereas black carpenter ants are (hmmm...) black.

Carpenter ants are not aggressive but they do have a painful  bite if they are over-handled ,or if you attack their nest. Florida carpenter ants are not known to damage wood. They do like to live around wood and especially in moist dark areas. The big problem with carpenter ants is that they are difficult to find. I have found carpenter ants living in just about every kind area you can imagine, especially in places where it's dark and warm such as, water heaters, toasters, large appliances, coffee machines, and even gaming systems. These ants live in walls, attics, and outside. Here's a video of me trying to find a nest in an attic: 

Bottom line is that if you are looking for carpenter ants do not leave any stone un-turned. If you want more information or a free inspection Contact Us, or call 772-334-7007.

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