Monday, January 5, 2015

2015 Chikungunya Health Threat Increases

Chikungunya To Spread In The United States

Being aware of the chikungunya virus or CHICKV, and it's spread has been a an interest of mine since I first heard about it almost two years ago. It is spreading around the world at an alarming rate and is carried and transmitted by the Aedes lbopictus mosquito which comes out during the day and night, loves to go in homes, and can overwinter, and live further north than a lot of other types of mosquitoes. The Aedes lbopictus mosquito is already in the Eastern United States. It's just a matter of time before it picks up the virus.

Recently, Lindsay Lohan, contracted it in French Polynesia giving the virus a little more public awareness. A new article from Yahoo News has it at the top of their list of new health threats we will be seeing in 2015. Read more here:

The problem with chikungunya virus is that there is no vaccination (cure) for it, and it causes debilitating arthritic like pain that can last for months. Once these mosquitoes become established here it is going to be a life altering experience for the public as a whole because you will definitely need to take extra precautions to avoid getting this virus that will not be convenient such as wearing extra clothing, keeping windows and doors shut at all times, and wearing repellents.

Reynolds Pest Management, Inc. offers some help with mosquito misting. It takes care of these virus spreading mosquitoes as well as other disease carrying mosquitoes that carry dengue fever, encephalitis, and are just a plain nuisance anyways. 

We set up mosquito misting devices to assist control mosquitoes around your house or company.

For a free mosquito prevention analysis you can contact us any time.

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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Top News Story | Chick V. Virus Spreading To Florida Video

Chikungunya Virus Spreads to South Florida

As mentioned over the weekend break, three instances of Chikungunya Fever, or ChikV, have actually been verified in Miami-Dade, Broward and Hillsborough County.

mosquito mist system
Now Palm Beach Region is tracking a possible fourth case.

Episodes of this mosquito-borne virus have actually been documented in Africa and Asia.

It has quickly dispersed throughout the Caribbean, usually discovered in Haiti and bordering Dominican Republic.

Chick V (Chickunguya) symptoms consist of high temperature, intense pain of the muscle mass and joints, and a breakout.

Typically it turns up 3 to 7 days after being bitten by a mosquito carrying the illness.

It's feasible we could have an episode if someone was infected said a transmittable illness expert.

It is not at all a long trip trip between the Caribbean and Florida.

Somebody which imports the condition to our location can then transmit it to regional mosquitoes.

And if, a mosquito bites them then it begins spreading, it doesn't take that much to get a native to the island or an epidemic begun.

There is no vaccine for this ailment and it's spread by the exact same mosquito that also transfers dengue high temperature fever, which is likewise a concern for South Florida.

Disease Spreading Mosquito News Video

Reynolds Pest Management, Inc. has actually been dealing with vermins consisting of mosquitoes for greater than Twenty Years. We have in fact mosquito misting systems gadgets in position to help stop and manage the escalate of mosquitoes. We will absolutely figure out mosquito access factors, recreating areas, do away with, or handle other reproducing sites. We set up mosquito misting devices to assist control mosquitoes around your house or company.

This post will with any luck make customers mindful, and they will recognize exactly what to anticipate this mosquito period.
If your seeking a Mosquito Misting Device quote please kindly call us for a free of cost analysis. Secure on your own from mosquito birthed disease now.

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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Fertilize Your Yard Now - Time is Almost Up

Have you fertilized your yard yet? Did you know that after May 31st in most areas it is illegal to apply fertilizer that has nitrogen in it?

Fertilizer with nitrogen helps yards get green in Florida, but due to fertilizer run off concerns into the water system it is now banned as of June 1st.

If you want apply fertilizer during the restriction period you may be fined for doing so. Also, it is important to know that whoever is applying fertilizer to your yard is licensed to do so, that is now a requirement in this state of Florida for applicators.

Contact Reynolds Pest Management today at 772-334-7007, or 561-746-7969 for a free lawn analysis.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Tick Control | Port Saint Lucie, Stuart Florida

 Tick Control in Port Saint Lucie and Stuart Florida

Tick Control
During the summer tick control in Port Saint Lucie and Stuart, Florida is when most families need to take steps to avoid these problems.  People and pets are involved in more outdoor activities.  Being prepared is the name of the game.  When going hiking, swimming, camping, and any other planned outdoor activity, wearing the right protective and/or pretreated clothing with the insect repellent permethrin can significantly reduce tick bites.

Insect sprays repel ticks and other bugs. You can also avoid tick bites by tucking your pants legs down into your socks and wearing a long sleeve shirt when hiking in the woods. If you are experiencing a tick infestation, do not hesitate to contact your tick control professionals at Reynolds Pest Management, Inc..

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CNN Reports Warmer Weather Bringing Virus Carrying Mosquitoes | Indian River County, Stuart, Jensen Beach, Jupiter, Palm Beach County, South Florida To Be Affected

Mosquito Misting  for Mosquitoes Can Help

According to a CNN report we will be experiencing higher than normal mosquitoes populations this year that carry debilitating viruses.

Read here:

Asian tiger mosquitoes are very prevalent here in South Florida and will be the most common vector of these illnesses. They are silent and even bite during the day.

The Asian tiger mosquito is also adjusting its actions and has the ability to neglect the beginning of fall, hold off hibernation, and prolong its egg-laying period. More time to reproduce permits more Asian tiger mosquitoes in northern latitudes, equally as among the worst illness they could bring showed up near AMERICA coasts.

Chikungunya Virus | Chick V. and Dengue Fever to Become Prevalent

News reports on chikungunya got their pace last December when the disease initially appeared on the Caribbean isle of St. Martin. Our company know it come from East Africa, just how the Makonde people in Africa named it for the contorted pose connected to its painful arthritis-like symptoms, that the variety of confirmed or thought cases in the Caribbean has passed 25,000, which it is very likely to spread to the UNITED STATES landmass. There is little or no conversation of the infection' propensity to mutate.

Although the outbreak is driven by the yellow fever mosquito, which thrives just in the tropics, current alterations allow the chikungunya infection to be brought 100 times more effectively by the Asian tiger mosquito.

This brand-new infection pressure infected hundreds of hundreds of people on Reunion Isle in the Indian Ocean in 2005; regarding 255,000 instances were reported. Lots of individuals died and thousands experienced higher fever and extreme physical pain. The very same strain has caused at least 5 outbreaks in Asia impacting millions, with smaller sized break outs in France and Italy.

Reynolds Pest Management, Inc. has actually been treating vermins consisting of mosquitoes for more than Twenty Years. We  help prevent and manage the spread of mosquitoes. We will certainly determine mosquito entry points, reproducing locations, get rid of, or manage other breeding sites. 

This article will hopefully make consumers aware, and they wil know what to expect this mosquito season.

If your in need of a Mosquito Misting System quote  please please call us for a free evaluation. Protect yourself from mosquito borne illness now.

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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Evolution of Pest Control Treatments

Cutting Edge Pest Control

As the innovators and developers of safer methods of controlling pests continues. Scientists have now developed nano-bots that unfold and affect cockroaches.
nanobot pest control

Bioengineers have efficiently administered them with nanorobots made from DNA that can unravel to dispense medications, Revelation Report.

The nanoscale robots were made using DNA fibers that fold up and unfold like origami. They could operate like mini-computers, doing simple tasks. One day similar nanorobots can be programmed to look for diseases inside people and treat them at the website, with clinical precision.

The job is being led by Daniel Levner from Wyss Institute at Harvard University and researchers at Bar Ilan College in Israel. He and his colleagues programmed the DNA nanorobots to connect with each other and move inside a living cockroach.

The programs were simple reasonable functions that routed the DNA to unravel and release a particle, for instance, when it ran into a certain healthy protein.

What do you think? Is this good pest control science? Are you worried that this could be a bad thing for mankind?

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